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Choose from both subtractive and additive manufacturing technologies that include injection molding, 钣金加工, 数控加工, 及3D打印服务. Our unmatched capacity and automation enable us to produce custom prototypes and production parts in as fast as 1 day.

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服务 交货期 材料 公差 最大零件尺寸


3 - 15天


+/- 0.003 in.

18.9 in. x 29.6 in. X 8英寸.


1 - 7天


+/-0.002 in

22 in. X 14英寸. x 3.75 in.

3 d打印技术

1 - 7天


+/-0.002 in

29 in. X 25英寸. X 21英寸.


1 - 7天


Varies depending on features

47 in. X 119英寸.



Large Format 金属3D打印

We recently added the GE Additive X Line to our fleet of metal 3D printers to build 铬镍铁合金718 零件至 31.5 in. x 15.7 in. x 19.7 in. (800毫米x 398毫米x 500毫米). Our large format GE Additive X Line machine produces metal 3D-printed parts well suited for various applications in aerospace, 医疗, 工业机械, 和其他部分.

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Anodizing and Chromate Plating
Need a protective and aesthetic coating on your machined parts? We have you (and your parts) covered. Submit your order through our quoting system and get your parts in as little as seven days.

Sometimes your project requirements outweigh the need for speed. Our precision machining offer produces parts with tight tolerances with lead times as fast as 10 days.

  • 公差 as tight as +/-0.002 in. (0.0508mm)
  • Fulfillment of quality requirements (including CoC, FAI, ISO 9001, and AS9100)

Online Quoting and Manufacturing Analysis

We know the importance of having an optimized part design before any actual production begins, which is why we provide automated design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis within hours on every part that is uploaded.

Tour Our Machining Facility

Take a quick tour through our 215,000 sq. ft. 数控加工 facility in Minnesota to see how we manufacture parts in as fast as 24 hours. 


Choose from hundreds of plastic and metal 材料 suitable for prototyping and end-use production applications. 了解正规买球十大排行平台 >

What's in a Digital Manufacturing Quote?

Want to see what's included in a quote? Check out our sample quotes below to navigate through our online quoting system. 在每句引用中, you can adjust the material, 数量, and turn time and see pricing updates in real time as well as explore interactive design analysis on various parts.


Look for the in-depth moldability analysis and our prototyping vs. ODM pricing comparison feature.



See how easy it is to assign threads to holes and check out some of the machining advisories you may encounter.


3 d打印技术

Explore our material feature that lets you compare the cost of 3DP processes, 材料, 和决议.