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寻找一个可靠的,快速转向供应商的机械塑料和金属组件? With hundreds of CNC machines, 正规买球十大排行平台无与伦比的内部能力确保您的零件及时发货, 每一次. 在Protolabs, 正规买球十大排行平台的as9100认证的CNC加工设施设计为快速原型和小批量生产的最终用途组件.

















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In this guide to CNC machining, you'll learn how to create efficient, 可制造的金属和塑料零件的原型和生产.

设计指导方针 for 数控加工

最大零件尺寸 22 in. X 14英寸. x 3.75 in. 559毫米x 356毫米x 95.3mm
最小零件尺寸 0.25 in. x 0.25 in 6.35毫米x6.35mm
公差 +/- 0.005 in. +/- 0.13mm
半径 零件上尖锐的内角会被加工成圆角,这是数控加工过程的自然结果. Resulting radii will be identified on your quote.  

塑料和软金属: 最小宽度为0.018 in. (0.457mm),深度0.0118 in. (0.3mm). Example text size would be 16 point Arial Rounded MT font.

硬金属: 最小宽度为0.033 in. (0.838mm)和深度0.0118 in. (0.3mm). Example text size would be 22 point Arial Rounded MT font.



  • Maximum part size varies by material. 查看该表 to see a complete listing of our maximum part sizes.
    US 度规
最大尺寸 直径 3.95 in. 100.33mm
长度 9 in. 228.6mm
最小尺寸 直径 0.16 in. 4.07mm
长度 0.05 in. 1.27mm
壁厚 0.020 in. 0.51mm
30° 30°
公差 +/- 0.005 in. +/- 0.13mm


  • 小的特征可以被允许,但任何区域的直径都不应该小于0.030 in. (0.76mm). 
  • Sharp conical points are allowed; angles should be greater than 30 degrees. 壁厚小于0.020 in. (0.5mm) typically do not survive the machining process


Machined Parts on Your Schedule

Our lead time options lend you flexibility. Need machined parts lightning fast? Select Expedite at checkout. 不着急? Choose Economy to save on cost. For reliable delivery on-time, select Standard. Your parts when you need them.

Why Choose Us for Custom 数控加工?

Fast and Reliably Delivery
快速迭代零件设计,加速快速转弯零件的产品开发. 正规买球十大排行平台的自动化设计分析将有助于在您的设计被发送到制造车间之前发现任何难以加工的功能,并将您从产品开发周期的进一步的昂贵返工中拯救出来.

Manufacturing Analysis and Online Quotes
When you upload your 3D CAD file to request a quote, 正规买球十大排行平台将分析您的零件几何形状,以确定任何特征,可能难以加工,如高, thin walls or holes that cannot be threaded.

Domestic Production and Support
与值得信赖的美国政府合作.S.并消除了向海外发送零部件的风险. 您也可以随时打电话或发邮件给正规买球十大排行平台正规买球十大排行平台将帮助订购零件, 设计反馈, 材料的建议, 并回答任何问题.


正规买球十大排行平台拥有30多种工程级塑料和金属材料,适用于各种零件应用和行业. 材料 range from plastics like 腹肌, 聚碳酸酯, 尼龙, 偷看到铝, 不锈钢, 铂, 和铜.

cnc milling process creating custom metal part

cnc milling black plastic material block

Advantages of 数控加工


  • Precision and repeatability
  • 严格的公差
  • 工业生产的材料
  • Quick-turn parts within 1 day

数控加工 Applications

CNC machining is widely used throughout the aerospace, 医疗, 汽车工业的能力,以快速制造精密零件的生产级材料. Typical CNC parts, include:

  • 外壳和围护结构
  • 括号
  • Fixtures for manufacturing
  • 齿轮和轴承
  • Internal mechanical components
  • 医疗仪器

Have Complex Components for Machining?

Tighter tolerances down to ±0.0008 in. (0.020mm). Complete parts with no material left behind. 大规模阳极氧化. Our manufacturing network of premium suppliers at 中心 can help. Get an instant quote for up to 1,000 parts today. 


How much does CNC machining cost?

价格从65美元起,但根据复杂性、数量和交货时间而有所不同. 最好的方法是提交一个3D CAD模型,并获得与可制造性设计(DFM)反馈的交互式报价. 因为正规买球十大排行平台使用专有软件和自动安装程序, there are no up front non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs. 这使得采购数量低至1至200个部件的成本效益. 相比3D打印的价格比较高, but machining offers improved material properties and surfaces.

What types of threading options are available?

正规买球十大排行平台提供UNF, UNC, 与线圈和关键刀片一起加工的米制螺纹(但不提供或安装刀片). These are available on both milled or turned CNC parts. View this page to see our complete threading options.

What is the maximum part size for CNC machining?

Maximum part size will vary based on your selected material. Our largest part size offered is 22 in. X 14英寸. x 3.75 in. (559毫米x 356毫米x 95.25mm) and is available in 铝 6061 and 7075. 查看该表 to see maximum dimensions by material.



Where can I learn more about CNC design?
What are the advantages of CNC machining?

产品设计师和工程师选择数控加工快速生产原型和生产部件. The manufacturing technology offers a high level of precision, engineering-grade materials, 快转交货时间.

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